Founded in 2013 by electronics conglomerate, New Kinpo Group, XYZprinting is on an ambitious mission to integrate 3D printing into our offices, schools and homes for use in daily life.

3D printers for everyone

With a focus on developing high-quality affordable, accessible and easy-to-use 3D printers and peripherals,XYZprinting has experienced rapid growth to become the world’s largest 3D printer manufacturer, covering more than a fifth of the global market. We have offices across Europe, the US, Japan, Thailand, China, South Korea and Taiwan, with more on the way.

8,500 engineers, one vision

Our worldwide R&D team consists of an incredible force of more than 8,500 engineers, working tirelessly to break down the barriers to 3D printer ownership. Coupled with XYZprinting-owned factories, their unrivalled expertise enables us to quickly implement the latest trends and technologies, and develop the most advanced consumer-grade, professional and industrial 3D printer product ranges on the market, all while maintaining our unbeatable prices.

Profesional 3D Printers from XYZ Printing

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Color Series

Combining inkjet technology with 3D printing

Pro Series

Customizable open-source printing

Nobel Series

Desktop high-detail SLA printing

3D Scanner Series

High-detail full-color scanning


Complete your 3D printing experience