MAKEiT 2×4 Large Format 3D Printer


What happens to a 3D printed part when the printhead tool path is disrupted? Watch it!

Easy to Operate

  • Only 4 clicks to complete 100% automatic print bed leveling and calibration
  • Fully assembled wheeled structure can be easily moved through 3ft-wide doorway
  • Electricity from regular wall outlet is sufficient to power the printer
  • Wifi or Ethernet connection enabled
  • Remote control and monitor of printing process from a smartphone/computer
  • Intuitive and user-friendly Octoprint provides a fea­ture-rich interface that is customizable.
  • Free stand 10″ full-color touchscreen tablet display
  • Tested printing profiles shared with user to ensure easy and fast onboard process
  • Massive print volume (L/W/H): 55 x 23 x 31 inches; 1400 x 605 x 800 mm
  • The high-temperature capability of printhead: up to 36Q°C/6BQ°F; print bed up to llQ°C/23Q°F
  • Aerospace-grade carbon fiber print surface offers superb part-to-bed adhesion + minimum thermal expansion
  • Specializes in PA6GF/Nylon Glass Fiber, PA6CF/ Nylon Carbon Fiber filament at ease using powerful printhead and durable Tungsten Carbide nozzle
  • Processes quickly and accurately by using 32 bit ARM controller and Raspberry Pi.
  • Eliminates random print layer shifts by applying the closed-loop motor mechatronic configuration.
  • Pauses printing promptly when filament runs out.
  • Resumes printing precisely after filament exchange.
  • No more filament tangle or break up along the filament travel path, thanks to the patent-pending filament management system.
  • Build-in enclosure structure enhances print quality.



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