innovatiQ LiQ 320


Additive manufacturing with injection molding silicone and discover new possibilities!

LiQ 320 – 3D printing from liquid silicone

The LiQ 320 is the solution for additive manufacturing of components from liquid silicone. Both prototypes and functional parts can be produced in comparable quality to injection molding. High process speed and distortion-free 3D printing with virtually any geometry make the LiQ 320 the gamechanger among 3D printers.

  • Intuitive operation
  • Precise material application
  • Integrated material crosslinking
  • Reach your goal faster with Smart Functions
  • Time-saving production
Complex geometries, completely new freedom of form!

Cross, grid or honeycomb structures, many things are possible. Geometries that were previously impossible to implement with conventional manufacturing technologies can now be mapped.

The structure of the object can be controlled at the molecular level. With the LAM process, the application direction and thus the cross-linking of the material can be influenced with almost pinpoint accuracy.

Technical Features

Intuitive operation

The industrial computer of the LAM 3D printer can be operated intuitively via the 7-inch touch screen. The touch panel allows user-friendly human-machine interaction (HMI) and provides the operator with a quick overview of all necessary functions.

Electronics for demanding users

The network connection to the industrial computer is established via Ethernet, allowing remote access and monitoring via tablet, smartphone or computer. Print jobs can be started directly via an intranet interface or the browser-based control system.

Stand-alone Printing

Thanks to the practical “stand-alone printing” technology, the 3D printer is also able to fulfill its print job independently, without any additional devices.

Precise material application thanks to volumetric extrusion

With the LAM 3D printing process, the application of the material can be precisely controlled thanks to volumetric extrusion. This means that the structural design of the component can be precisely defined according to the customer’s own ideas and the respective area of application, and can be precisely implemented in 3D printing. With this innovative technology, the application direction and thus the crosslinking at the molecular level can be directly influenced, which is not possible with conventional injection molding technologies.

High dynamics

Process-controlled volumetric extrusion enables high dynamics with optimum material density when applying the material.Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module

Precise material application

Process-controlled volumetric extrusion enables high dynamics with optimum material density when applying the material.

Integrated material crosslinking

The curing of the material takes place directly in the build area and is seamlessly integrated into the production process.
The printing process and the crosslinking process each take place alternately. During material crosslinking, a high-temperature halogen lamp releases activation energy to accelerate complete crosslinking at the molecular level between the individual materials.

Saves time and costs

Seamless integration of material crosslinking into the printing press significantly reduces printing time compared to conventional production methods. The integration also results in cost savings, as fewer tools are required.

Immediately finished components

Thanks to the integrated thermal material crosslinking, the result is immediately finished components without post-processing.

Reach your goal faster with Smart Functions

Intelligent SmartFunctions such as automatic calibration of the nozzle after each nozzle change and leveling of the print bed make the operator’s daily work easier and thus increase productivity.

Nozzle calibration

Nozzle replacement is user-friendly and can be carried out in just a few seconds. The nozzle is automatically calibrated after each change.

Print bed leveling

The print bed is automatically leveled by means of high-precision laser measurement and with the aid of a three-point process when the print bed is started up.

Flexible and time-saving production

In addition to SmartFunctions, the time-saving material changeover ensures maximum productivity. The material can be changed quickly and without tools in just a few steps, which means a seamless printing process without interruption.

Flexible material properties

During the printing process, the properties of the material can be varied. Depending on the desired setting, soft, flexible print objects or hard, non-flexible components are produced. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for adapting the printing process to the specific application.

Ready for immediate use

The finished components are immediately functional and ready for use without any post-processing.


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