Privacy Policy and Usage of Links Statement

Privacy Policy

The 3D Connectors Inc. upholds the privacy of users this site.  If any user voluntarily gives us their information, we will take the upmost measures to ensure proper handling of that data.  We may both retain and divulge that data as permitted by pertinent legislation.  This includes divulging information to protect the rights, personal or real property, and well being of The 3D Connectors Inc. or others.  This may also be done to fulfill legislative or regulatory requirements.  We will in no way divulge your information for any reason other than those stated above.  We have no intention of collecting personal info from users 13 years or younger.  Upon viewing certain pages of the website, information may be saved on your console via a cookie which will allow for a better site experience per your preferences.


The privacy statement above only applies to this site, and any other site of which The 3D Connectors Inc. has control.  We are in no way responsible for the privacy policy and data usage of any site that we have linked our site with, and, as a consequence, in no way can be held liable for any information that is used illegally as a result of entering another website through a link on this website.