Filament Dryers

Rotary desiccant dryers for thermoplastic filaments

Filament Dryer FD1

For up to 1 kg spools
Compact desktop

Filament Dryer FD5

For single spool up to 5 kg
Medium desktop

Print better parts

Material drying is an integral part of plastics processing industry, because moisture is the number one enemy of many plastic materials. Mass Portal Filament Dryers are a professional drying solution for open materials 3D printing industry.

Key benefits

• Reduce moisture-related printing problems

• Enable use of highly moisture-sensitive materials

• Enjoy indepencence from environment moisture and temperature

• Increase print success rate, quality and stability

Any printer

Mass Portal filament dryers can be used for offline drying with any open material 3D printer, and can also be used to dry proprietary material on spools of compatible dimensions.

Any material

Compatible with industry standard spools of the most widely used capacities. All popular filament diameters can be used — 1.75mm, 2.85mm and 3mm.

Improved performance

Drying and feeding your filament at proper conditions minimizes the effects of excessive filament moisture level.

How it works


Mass Portal filament dryers use a drying process that is widely used in industrial drying systems, optimized for the filament drying application.

Process stability

Feeding filament at a known, stable state and temperature — without influence from room temperature and moisture — is key to printing process stability, predictability and repeatability.


You don’t need to remove the filament from the dryer to print — Mass Portal Filament Dryers can feed filament directly to most printers, keeping out any dust contact with room environment.

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