Standalone Production 3D printer

Build volume: ⌀400 mm x 580 mm

Integrated Dual Filament Dryers

Improved process stability and print moisture sensitive thermoplastics

Several hotend options

Choose the hotend most suitable for your application

Controlled chamber

Controlled build chamber with air filtration & circulation

Compressed air part cooling

Optional compressed air part cooling with built-in compressor

Built to order

Configuration based on your needs


High temperature Open materials

Our printers work with 1.75 mm polymer based open-materials filaments.

Integrated Filament Dryers

Optional integrated rotary desiccant filament dryers based on the Mass Portal FD1. Improve process stability and print moisture sensitive thermoplastics.

Chamber & Air filtration

Controlled chamber increases process stability when printing performance polymers and is equipped with air filters to limit the escaping fumes and microparticles.


Glass printbed ensures perfectly flat surface and maximum print area. Different bed coating options are supported — use bed coating that is most suitable for your application and material.




Device control and management

Ad hoc Automation

Mass Portal devices are closely integrated with FabControl Additive Manufacturing Platform – giving extensive control and monitoring capabilities.

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