Systems and Equipment for Plastic Additive Manufacturing

EOS 3D Printers

EOS pioneered Direct Metal Laser Sintering (the method that allows for metal 3D printing) and is a World Class manufacturer of industrial 3D printers. EOS equipment can be found in almost every industry most notably in medical, automotive, academic, and aviation; GE recently set up 2 additive manufacturing facilities centered around EOS metal printers for end use aerospace parts.


Compact-class Additive Manufacturing system that offers a cost-efficient and highly productive entry into the world of Additive Manufacturing.

EOS P 396

System for Additive Manufacturing of serial parts and functional prototypes from polymer materials. The successor to the EOSINT P 395 offers higher productivity and therefore lower costs per building job. Improved hardware and software ensure greater consistency in part properties.


EOSINT P 760 is a highly-productive, modular system for  Additive Manufacturing of polymer parts. It is ideally suited to rapid prototyping and cost-efficient, batch-size-dependent serial production in an industrial environment.


Additive Manufacturing System for processing high performance polymers at temperatures of up to 385°C.

Systems and Equipment for Metal Additive Manufacturing

EOS M 100

The size and modular design of the EOS M 100 make it ideal as an entry level model for Additive Manufacturing. In terms of process and component quality, it corresponds to the EOS M 290, the leading system on the market for Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

EOS M 290

With a building volume of 250 x 250 x 325 mm, the EOS M 290 allows a fast, flexible and cost-effective production of metal parts directly from CAD data.An intuitive user interface, the intelligent software concept with a combination of open and standardized parameter sets and the improved filter system are specially designed for the industrial production.

EOS M 400

With a building volume of 400 x 400 x 400 mm, EOS M 400 allows the production of large metal parts on an industrial scale – directly from CAD data and with no need for tools.


As a leading-edge system for Additive Manufacturing, EOSINT M 280 is the perfect solution for direct, cost-efficient manufacturing of high-quality metal tool inserts, prototypes and end products. Its high level of productivity and ergonomic periphery make the system ideal for the economical and batch-size optimised additive manufacturing of components throughout all phases of the product lifecycle.


The high-end system for Additive Manufacturing of precious metal products is designed for the jewellery and watchmaking industries, providing the quickest-ever route from product concept to market launch.