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3DC Government

Additive manufacturing is becoming a major “disrupter of business” as usual for various government agencies including the Navy, Air Force, Army, and Marines. The government is currently looking into 3D printing areas such as: metal 3D printed part qualification for flight critical and non-flight critical aerospace applications, spare part replacement, weapon component manufacturing, and supply chain optimization. 3DC has had the honor of working with multiple government organizations in helping them along on their additive manufacturing journey.

In an effort to make government contracting and purchasing much easier, 3DC got on the General Service Administration (GSA) 3D printing schedule in 2017. This was a critical milestone for us as it has made government procurement of our products and services much easier. If you have any need whether it’s a product or a service, let us know as it is our mission to bring your organization through the next generation of manufacturing.

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  • Tooling, Jigs, & Fixtures Aids
  • 3D Printing Training Centers
  • Machine Scale Models
  • Spare Parts
  • Custom Housings
  • Prototypes


  • Polymer 3D Printers
  • Creaform 3D Scanners
  • 3D Printing Labs


  • Metal 3D Printing
  • Polymer 3D Printing
  • 3D Scanning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • CAD File Repair for 3D Printing
  • Research & Development
  • Process & Industrial Engineering

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