Form 2

The most advanced
desktop 3D printer
ever created.

Industrial quality 3D printing made accessible,
the Form 2 delivers high-resolution prints
at a fraction of the cost. Discover what you can create
with desktop stereolithography (SLA) by
requesting a sample part below.


This is one of the finest desktop 3D printers you can buy

The Form 2 could not be easier to use, and that is by design

The best prosumer 3D printer I’ve used.

Expect very high-quality 3D prints with excellent details from the Form 2.

The most affordable, yet high-quality, 3D printer in the market.

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Large prints,
incredible resolution.

At the heart of the machine is a powerful optical engine
guided by custom-built galvanometers, delivering big prints
with spectacular detail. A high precision laser draws parts
at 25-100 micron resolution, delivering accuracy on
par with industrial 3D printers.

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High-Resolution 3D Printing

The Form 2 enables you to print precise models with stunning surface finish – significantly smoother and more detailed than other plastic 3D printing technologies. Save time and money post processing, and spend more time on creating.


Slide Peel

Print solid parts with lower peel forces and reduced
wear on the resin tank.


Resin Wiper

Improve print consistency by properly agitating the resin to
remove any particulate from the build area.


Heated Tank

Achieve optimal print conditions by maintaining a
consistent internal temperature of 35 °C.

Always connected.

Stay informed wherever you are. Your Dashboard
allows you to access your Form 2 from anywhere.
Simplify multiple printer management and transform
your product development process with Formlabs
3D printing solutions.

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Post-Processing Designed for the Form 2

Built to complete the SLA engine, Form Wash and Form Cure streamline and automate
your 3D printing process to consistently produce high-quality results with less time and effort.

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Powerful 3D printer.
Amazing ecosystem.

Everything you need to start printing at USD4,020.