Farsoon Polymer Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Farsoon considers material to part of its core competency. Farsoon’s experienced material department has independently developed a portfolio of polymer materials for additive manufacturing. In addition Farsoon’s fully capable material manufacturing is able to vertically control the production of the material from raw material to finished product, ensuring quality and stability. With excellent color stability, oxidation resistance, Farsoon polymer materials produce high quality parts which provide both detailed surface precision and high mechanical properties. In addition Farsoon partners with many material suppliers to bring new and advanced materials to the users through Farsoon’s open material policy.

X92A-2TPU | powder

High abrasion resistance and wide range of stiffness. Products remain excellent color elasticity as increase of stiffnes…

FS 6028PA (PA6) | PA6 nylon powder

Excellent mechanical properties and strength, high resistance to thermal deformation combined with great post processing…

FS3400CF | Carbon fiber filled nylon material

Enhanced stiffness,Good modulus range (4700-6500Mpa),High resistance to thermal deformation,Excellent strength and hardn

FS3400GF | Glass bead filled nylon powder

Easy-to-process,Good abrasive resistance,High resistance to thermal deformation,Stable size, smooth surface,High resolut

FS3250MF | Mineral filled nylon powder

Good mechanical properties due to the addition of mineral fiber,High resistance to thermal deformation,Small contractive…

FS3300PA | Nylon Powder

Color stability,Good anti-oxidative activities,Excellent Size stability,Excellent paint surface,Excellent mechanical pro…

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