Farsoon Qualified Metal Materials for Additive Manufacturing

In the Americas, all metals powders for use with Farsoon equipment is supplied by our Preferred Powder Suppliers. Farsoon has tested and qualified a large portfolio of metal materials for additive manufacturing to ensure material parameter sets pre-loaded on all Farsoon equipment will produce parts with consistant, predicatble properties.

Inconel IN718 | Inconel

High Nickel alloy with excellent mechanical performance, oxidation and corrosion resistance under high temperature and stress.

NiCr22Fe18Mo | Nickel Alloy

Nickel Chrome alloy with excellent tensile strength, creep strength and fatigue resistance. Good oxidation and corrosion resistance. can be hot and cold formed and is readily weldable

Cu90Sn10 | Bronze

Copper alloy with excellent corrosion resistance, heat and electric conductivity.

420 | Stainless Steel

Stainless steel with excellent stiffness and abrasion resistance with good machinability

18Ni300 | Maraging Steel

Tool steel with good machining and welding properties,

AISi10Mg | Aluminum

Aluminum alloy with good corrosion resistance and high heat and electrical conductivity

Ti64 | Titanium

Titanium alloy Exceptional strength to weight properties with outstanding corrosion resistance,high temperature strength and non-magnetic property

CoCr | Cobalt Chrome

Cobalt Chrome has excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures and is well know for its bio-compatibility

17-4PH | Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel with good machinability, magnetic properties, percipitation hardenable

Specialized Materials

For specialized materials such as Tungsten and Tantalum, please contact Farsoon with your inquires or requirements.

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