From professional engineers to designers and hobbyists alike, enter into the world of HATCHBOX for endless opportunities of innovation and design in 3D printing. Our extensive collection of filaments caters to a variety of applications suitable for home, business, and anything your creative intellect aspires. Our distinguished craftsmanship is what makes us unique and sets us at the forefront of the competition. For consistency in quality, variety in selection, and affordability in pricing, HATCHBOX is here to provide you with the ultimate 3D printing filament solution. We encourage you to join our 3D printing community and share your vision in shaping and designing the future.



Now, you can buy quality 3D filament products from a USA-Based, USA-Run, and USA-Owned manufacturer with YOUR interests in mind. It is our goal to provide the very best 3D products available anywhere in the world!

  • Advanced PLA (High heat resistant filament)
  • Premium PLA (High quality, standard filament)
  • Wound Up™ (Coffee infused filament)
  • Buzzed™ (Beer infused filament)
  • Entwined™ (Hemp infused filament)
  • Biome3D™ (Durable bio-based filament)
  • Glass Filled PLA (Higher strength and toughness filament)
  • Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™  (Non-abrasive cleaning filament)