Case Studies

We have experience in many areas, below are a few of our case studies.



Sargent’s upholstery, a custom car upholstery company.


Product development, Computer Aided Design, and 3D Printing. Sergeant’s needed custom parts for auto repair.


One part was no longer available for purchase and there were no 3rd party options; the only other way would have been searching junkyards or hand fabricating a solution. Another part was only available in a large and expensive kit.


DESIGN TIME – By implementing Computer Aided Design and 3D printing, we were able to quickly design, manufacture, test, and then implement the parts. All the parts are now available within a few hours on an as-needed basis.

PRODUCTION COSTS – We were able to save over $3,000 on a single part by designing and 3D printing one in industrial ABS plastic.

LEAD TIME – We were able to save countless hours by reverse engineering and 3D printing discontinued parts that may have been impossible to find otherwise.

REDUCED WASTE – We were able to only use what was needed by reverse engineering and 3D printing a single part that is usually only available in a kit.