Case Studies

We have experience in many areas, below are a few of our case studies.




Rapid Prototyping of 20 battery cases and 20 lids


William needed the battery cases in less than a week


The Pro Golf Association (PGA) convention in Orlando, FL was less then a week away and William and his team needed the cases to display in order to close golf cart battery sales!


PRODUCTION TIME – By implementing 3D printing, we were able to quickly design,

manufacture, 20 golf cart case assemblies in less than a week. Traditional methods would have

made this project take at least 7 weeks using injection molding, for a total time savings of 6


PRODUCTION COSTS – We were able to save over $40,000 by 3D printing the cases

instead of injection molding them.

INCREASED SALES – William and his team were able to sell close to 5000 battery cases at

the convention which they accredit entirely to having samples for customers to examine in hand.mine in hand.