B9 Scan 350

The most intuitive 3D scanner for speed, accuracy & simplicity.

Designed specifically for scanning jewelry and small objects, the B9 Scan 350 can precisely capture each detail, cut, or facet of your most intricate designs in minutes.

Time is money.

Our 3D scanner can save you both.

Shadow Bands

With the B9 Scan 350, you can scan any ring in under 5 minutes to make the perfect fitting shadow band.

3D Heirloom Reproduction

3D Scanning allows you to digitally capture heirloom jewelry and make desired changes, improvements, replicas, or customizations.

Gemstone Scanning

For custom bezels and mountings, accurately scan gemstones to ensure a quality fit the first time.

Jewelry Repair

Complete hard-to-fabricate jewelry repairs by scanning the piece and designing the perfect fitting detail.

Necklace and Bracelet links replication

Replicating bracelet links with traditional methods usually introduces shrinkage, resulting in non-fitting links. The B9 Scan 350 accurately scans a link that can be scaled up as needed to ensure the proper fit after assembly.

“Shadow bands are a significant part of our jewelry business. The B9 Scan 350 increased our efficiency 35-45%. Plus it cuts down on error rate and ensures a perfect fit every time.”

Hannah Kukuk, Custom Jeweler

Tech Specs on the B9 Scan 350

3D Scanner Technology – Structured light
Camera Resolution – 1.3 Megapixels
Light Source – LED, 100 ANSI-lumens – light projector
Rotary Stage – 2 axis movement
3D Acquisition Volume (WxDxH) – 90 x 80 x 55mm
Accuracy – 0.015mm
Output Formats – STL, PLY, OBJ, ASC
Interface – USB 2.0 High Speed, DVI/HDMI
Size (WxDxH) – 250 x 450 x 450mm
Weight – 14.5 kg
Computer – Internal, only monitor & mouse needed

ROI Breakdown

Design Time

A high-resolution 3D scan takes 5 minutes versus 2 hours of manual design


Compare 2 hours per design to 24 designs in 2 hours

Labor at $50/hr

2 hours of manual design time = $100 vs. $4.17 per design with the B9 Scan 350


$14,950 (scanner + digital workshop)


Pays for itself in 40 rings

Training (included with purchase)

A half-day digital workshop with a trained technician makes for a seamless integration

The Ultimate 3D
Printing Solution

Take the work out of your workflow.

The B9 Core Series delivers production-grade parts with post-processing to match.
Simple, fast, automated – so you can focus less on process and more on proven results.

With a powerful design that reduces
curing time, the B9 Model Cure
boasts memory settings for fast,
repeatable workflow.

The whole solution.


With the addition of the B9 Scan 350, our professional 3D printing solutions are setting a new industry standard for repeatability, dependability, and ease-of-use. Increase your workflow today and notice the immediate ROI when implementing the 3D printing solutions from B9Creations.

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