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Additive Manufacturing

bringing the future to you today

About Us 



Additive Manufacturing

bringing the future to you today

About Us 

We Bring Organizations through the Next Generation of Manufacturing 

- The 3D Connectors' Mission Statement


The tools you need to make an impact

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3D Printers

Whether it is an large industrial machine or a desktop hobby printer, we can help you find your perfect machine.

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Your printer will need material to create your dreams, we can provide you with the right materials!



We provide tailored software solutions.  From design to analysis we can get you the program you need.


3D Printing

Need 3D printing? No worries! The large number of printers in house and available through our network provide the infrastructure needed to print almost anything in large quantities (up to 10,000 parts per day). If you feel like your application may be worth investigating as a 3d printing opportunity, or you just don't know what method or material to choose, we have the answer.

We have the following technologies and materials available for printing:

  • Fused Deposition Modeling (ABS, PLA, NYLON, ULTEM,PC)
  • Sterolithography 
  • Select Laser Sintering(NYLON)
  • Polyjet
  • Multijet
  • Binder Jet
  • Laminated Object Manufacturing

Rapid Manufacturing

Need parts fast but don't know where to start, give us a call! We offer the following services and usually can deliver parts faster then the competition:

Cast Urethanes

Injection Molding and Tooling

CNC Machining

3D Printing End Use Parts

Sheet Metal

Water Jet

Welding and Fabrication

We have the network to get the best lead time possible, and have the ability to manufacture in the US or offshore.

Product Development

As with all products and ideas, it all begins with a design.  Our experienced engineers are able to design anything from simple models to complex machine assemblies. The 3D Connectors has the full capability to develop, prototype, test, manufacture your product, and grow your business:

  • Computer Aided Design
  • Material Selection
  • Prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Mechanical Testing and Qualification
  • Tool Design



Creaform3D Authorized Agent

Creaform offers a variety of 3D metrology technologies that have been developed to meet the specific needs of a wide range of applications. From professional-grade to metrology-grade, they provide users with highly accurate, portable and easy-to-use solutions.


Client Testimonials

We impacted businesses just like yours!

Saft America

"With the expert advice from The 3D Connectors we were able to create exact physical models of a new product in development. We were able to test fit parts and save countless man hours, and potentially months of design iterations, and we will be going to market earlier than expected"

David Ginder, Manager of Mechanical Engineering and Certification

Sargent Upholstery

"My company creates a lot of custom parts and we work on cars that parts are no longer manufactured; The 3D Connectors were able to create exact replicas of broken parts. One part was only included in a $3000 kit, The 3D Connectors designed and fabricated that part in a couple of days and for a lot less"

Sean Todd,  Manager

Johnson and Johnson Vision Care

"“These guys are very good with 3D Printing and know their stuff. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone"

Preejith Ambuken, Product Development Engineer

Communication Partners L.L.C.

"With the 3D printer provided and the expert support of The 3D Connectors, we attracted a greater number of clients to our customer's booth than we have previously seen. We were also able to produce on-demand promotional items that clients love"

Jennifer Landines, SVP Digital and Strategic Solutions

Ilki Media

"Always responsive and helpful whether it’s a quick visit to fine tune a part or a video meeting when I can’t make it to the office. The 3D Connectors helped us rapidly design a new product and take it to market quickly"

Kira Slye, Owner

Petroleum Containment Inc.

“Great Service. My 3D Printer arrived ahead of time and they helped me fine tune it in person.”

Brian Carney, Mechanical Engineer




4600 Touchton Road, Building 100, Suite 150

Jacksonville, FL 32246


8638 Phillips Highway, Building 3, Suite 4

Jacksonville, FL 32256



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-Southside Business Mens Club

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Phone: (386)503-0030

Email: info@the3dconnectors.com